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A mobile app is a great choice for you business.

Regardless of the mobile platform you might choose, IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab guarantees you the best results – a trouble-free, effective and fruitful cooperation, and development of a high-quality, involving mobile application. However, we’d like to tell you about some peculiarities of iOS mobile development, as well as advantages of our iPhone app development company.

IntexSoft iOS developers have an accurate understanding not only of the Apple platform but of the different additional components including the iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch / Objective C, Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, OpenGL ES, Open AL, Core Audio, Core Animation, Core Graphics, WebKit Programming, Accelerometer, GPS and Core Location Framework. We also use iPhone-exclusive features like 3-axis accelerometer and the pop-over interface elements for successful iPhone app development.

Advantages of iOS development

Development of an iOS mobile app is cheaper than an equal Android application.

The development of an Android application usually takes more time and resources than creating of an equal iOS app. There are a huge number of mobile devices running on Android platform; therefore it takes more time and resources to test the application. Developing and testing a mobile application for an iPhone demands significantly less efforts. So, by ordering an iOS mobile application, you save your money and reduce the mobile app time-to-market.

There is no danger to be faced with piracy.

It is known that Android has fewer paying customers than iOS and piracy is widespread due to the more open nature of the platform. iOS developers hasn’t got an acute problem with this. If you create an iOS mobile application, its target auditorium initially consists of people willing to pay for a high-quality mobile app for their iPhones.

Testing an application on iPhone devices is easy.

There are a huge number of Android devices, as well as there are a lot of versions for Android operating systems. Therefore, it is almost impossible to test an app on all of them. On the contrary, the market of iOS devices is uniform and consistent. That’s why testing a new mobile application on iPhones runs more quickly and trouble-free. Moreover, as compared to Android, iOS has rich documentation and app developers can find an answer to every question there.