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Our success in many spheres of life depends on many factors, including health and wellness. Therefore, good shape, balanced nutrition and good health are so important to us and require special attention and efforts. But new technologies and achievements of the IT industry help to make care for our health easier.

Calorie Counter Calorie Counter Calorie Counter
Calorie Counter Calorie Counter Calorie Counter

The Viaden mobile development company, one of the most successful producers of mobile applications and games, realized importance of this issue. The result was a solution for iPhone users - Calorie Counter. This application makes watching over our health easier. Its users can control consumption and expenditure of calories.
The application has become popular on the AppStore, so Viaden decided to release its version on the Google Play.

Viaden has been working with IntexSoft for a long time and knew us as an experienced mobile development company. That’s why Viaden decided to hire the IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab for developing this application, too. And IntexSoft proved itself as a reliable and responsible partner once again. The application was developed in the shortest possible time. Here is a brief list of features the application includes:
  • Finding any product by name or bar code and getting information on the content of protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc;
  • Finding detailed information on calories of any ready meals;
  • Making a plan of consumption of food and calories;
  • Making schedule of various physical activities intended for consumption of calories;
  • Keeping track of body condition: blood sugar, blood pressure, mood; and body parameters: volume of chest, arms, and legs;
  • Monitoring necessary parameters in the form of graphs and visual reports;
  • Sharing information about eaten foods or carried out physical activity via Twitter and Facebook;
  • Supporting of synchronization with Dropbox;
  • Paid functionality and possibility to pay for it.
All functionality was created by the IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab. IntexSoft firmly believes that this application will adorn the already existing portfolio of Viaden and bring many benefits to its users. Contact us, and we’ll find out how you can succeed with IntexSoft.

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