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Today, the competition of goods and services at the market has become very tough. Success of a company considerably depends on features that have nothing to do with its production. A mission-critical factor is advertising and the way how a company provides information about itself for its customers. A step forward on this way is using modern mobile technologies to promote your company – e.g. virtual product catalogues.

granit parts app example granit parts app example granit parts app example
granit parts app example granit parts app example

The IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab has created an iOS mobile application for a German company in order to present its production in an attractive and interactive way for iPhone and iPad owners. It was a truly smart and effective way to reach the company’s customers. While printed catalogues take too much place in flats and are mostly thrown away just after quick leafing, virtual catalogues are a perfect way to be constantly present in customers’ lives. Moreover, interactive catalogues are much more entertaining and involving than usual printed media. The iOS mobile app created by IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab offers comfortable user experience for a pleasing and easy shopping. The mobile app contains the following comprehensive features:

  • nice design,
  • convenient layout,
  • good usability,
  • built-in galleries,
  • adaptation for special device (iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini),
  • comfortable and quick search,
  • intuitive navigation.
All images are clickable and can be zoomed in offering users a detailed view. The iOS mobile app supports many languages what makes the company’s production catalogue available for clients all around the world. Another important feature is build-in purchase. If a client likes an item, he can order it immediately from the mobile app.

Moreover, the iOS mobile app created by IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab helps the German company save costs for advertising and printed media. A virtual catalogue allows placing and updating information and news at any time.

The interactive production catalogue created as an iOS mobile app was a good decision for the German company. Multimedia catalogues adapted for iPhone and iPad attract customers’ attention, offer information in a convenient and economical way and constantly stay present on their mobile devices. They also save customers’ time allowing them not to visit numerous shops but to conveniently make purchases without leaving their houses. In a word, interactive catalogues make shopping exactly as easy, involving and fast as it should be. The IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab has helped the German company create an important competitive advantage in the struggle with its market competitors. Contact us, and we’ll find out how we can help you.

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