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A successful startup Intellijoy creates educational mobile apps for pre-school children. Its applications Kids Numbers and Math, Kids ABC Letters, Kids ABC Phonics etc. gained love of children and their parents worldwide. These well-known mobile apps have more than 10 million unique users and over 15 million downloads on Google Play. Intellijoy belongs to the top mobile developers in the Education section of Google Play and has been awarded with a Top Developer badge by Google.

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Having been very demanded on the iPhone AppStore, Intellijoy started providing educational mobile games for Android devices. They decided to outsource Android development and graphic design to a reliable mobile application development company. For this purpose, Intellijoy hired IntexSoft. Taking into account the popularity and high quality of Intellijoy iOS mobile apps, the requirements for the Android application were very high. IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab has efficiently managed all tasks and created an involving, colorful educational mobile app “Kids Learn to Read”. Our clients from Intellijoy were extremely satisfied with the application and gave us very enthusiastic feedback. Moreover, the mobile app “Kids Learn to Read” developed by IntexSoft received the same downloads quantity and top ratings as Intellijoy internally created apps. It was also featured on Google Play and at the Google I/O conference.

The mobile application “Kids Learn to Read” is an educational game for preschool children teaching them to read and spell simple words. With the help of a likable character Tommy the Turtle, children learn to blend letter sounds into words. In that way, they learn to read in an easy and entertaining way. Due to friendly, lively design of the mobile app and positive reinforcement, children enjoy the learning process and gain more motivation for a further exploring the world around them.

IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab is proud to have contributed to the children educational process and to the success of the Intellijoy company. Creating mobile apps for small children is always a complex task because mobile software developers must keep balance between educational value and design effects. In the case of “Kids Learn to Read”, IntexSoft mobile software developers efficiently solved this problem and created a truly developmental mobile app with a perfect combination of education and joy. Contact us and we'll tell you how to succeed with IntexSoft.

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