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Intellijoy is a well-known company that develops educational Android and iOS mobile apps for small children. These applications teach preschoolers reading, math, and many other things important for a successful adaptation to their environment. The mobile applications of Intellijoy constantly belong to the top-lists of Google Play and AppStore and are highly appreciated by children and their parents.

kids-shapes kids-shapes kids-shapes

For several years, Intellijoy has been leading a fruitful cooperation with the IntexSoft Company and with the IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab in particular. Our mobile software developers created the Android version for one of the most popular iOS mobile apps of Intellijoy - “Kids Learn to Read”. This app received the same amount of downloads and high users’ rating as the original version. We are also proud of a very enthusiastic feedback given us by Intellijoy.

As continuation of a successful partnership, Intellijoy entrusted the IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab with the development of another educational application – “Kids Shapes”. Using this colorful and involving Android mobile app, small children learn shapes in an entertaining and real-life way. Preschoolers learn to recognize shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle, square, rhombus and oval) in a real-life context. An important feature of the mobile app is focusing on the main goal without overloading children with unnecessary stimuli. Creating educational applications for small children is always a pretty hard challenge. Our mobile software developers managed it well and created a truly interactive, enriching Android app with a perfect balance between joy and education. Children practice their skills by means of simple and fun activities without stress and over-stimulation. So, the mobile app “Kids Shapes” familiarizes preschoolers with the world in a delighting and involving way.

IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab appreciates the cooperation with Intellijoy. For both parties, it is a possibility to work with a reliable and creative partner and to benefit from it. But above all, creating free educational mobile apps is a way to do the right thing by helping children happily develop and grow up.
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