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Today, the most important source of news is the Internet. People have access to it at work, at home, and even on the way thanks to smartphones and tablet PCs they carry with them. On the one hand, this omnipresence of Internet is a good thing because it facilitates the development of new technologies and lets people to always stay up-to-date. But on the other hand, Internet has become a serious rival for traditional information providers like TV, paper magazines or newspapers.

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One of IntexSoft clients, a large and influential Germany newspaper, has realized this threat. The company wanted to stay competitive and to use all benefits of digital technologies. That’s why the German newspaper decided to bring a new information channel into play and to create an iOS mobile application providing an online version of the newspaper for iPhone and iPad owners. For implementing this idea, the German newspaper hired IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab.

The mobile software developers of IntexSoft fully understood the need of the client and the business idea. As a result, they created a usable, convenient and interactive iOS mobile app giving readers the possibility to order and read new numbers of the newspaper on their iPads and iPhones. The mobile app includes the following comprehensive features:
  • In-app purchase of newspaper’s numbers
  • Reading them online or downloading them on iPhones or iPads in pdf and html formats
  • Multimedia (videos and picture galleries)
  • Sharing articles and pages via E-Mail, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Database of the complete newspaper issues as e-paper versions
  • News feeds containing local and national news
  • In-app online news and events platform
  • Convenient and intuitively understandable navigation
  • Responsible design
  • Fast search
IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab created an attractive and easy to use mobile application offering usual newspapers in a new dynamic dimension. The German client was completely satisfied with our interactive, well thought-out solution and gave us very positive feedback. The iOS mobile application allowed the German newspaper to stay competitive at the media market, to pleasantly surprise old clients, and to win new ones. The solution of IntexSoft mobile software developers turned a static printed newspaper into an involving visual source of useful current information. Contact us, and we’ll tell you how to make progress with IntexSoft.

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