My seven wonders

Various navigation tools have become one of the most popular categories of mobile applications. If you possess a smartphone, you don’t need studying a map or asking passersby for help to get to the place you need. The only thing you have to do is launching the mobile app, giving coordinates of the necessary place – and you already have a map with the laid route.

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In order to make people’s life easier, IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab has created a useful and entertaining navigation mobile app My seven Wonders for Android smartphones. This tool helps users orientate in an unfamiliar place, get fast to their points of interest like cafes, shops, museums etc., and mark their favorite ones.

The Android mobile app My seven Wonders looks like a fancy compass and helps their owners easily locate their favorite places and estimate the distance to them. A user has the possibility to choose a target from the destinations list or locate it on the map – and he’ll always know in which direction and how far his favorite place is now. Due to the use of the latest application programming interface (API), the mobile app My seven Wonders allows determining location of any object of your choice exactly, regardless of whether it is a small shop or the Big Ben, as well as estimating time and distance to it. The mobile application supports English and Russian languages. It can also be customized depending on users’ personal preferences: one can change wonders’ icons and backgrounds and upload his own photos.

The Android mobile application My Seven Wonders is an easy and involving tool for making navigation both efficient and fun. Having this app on your smartphone, you’ll always know where your favorite places are and how fast can you get to them.

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