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The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is one of the most famous and popular museums in Russia and probably in the whole world. Every day, thousands of visitors come to admire its huge collection including more than 3 million items (sculptures, paintings, ancient weapons, jewelry and many other wonderful things). But to see the best pieces of art, to visit the most popular collections and to allocate their time, tourists need an appropriate guidance. That’s why the company Museum On Line inc., Russia initiated a project on creating a mobile application serving as an interactive guide through the Hermitage Museum. For development of this complex mobile app, Museum On Line contacted IntexSoft. As a result of a fruitful and efficient cooperation, the Hermitage mobile app has been created.

The state Hermitage

The aim of the mobile application developed by IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab is providing its users online excursions through Hermitage exhibit rooms and giving them interesting information about museum collections. Using the mobile app, the visitors can go round the museum rooms, study information about the particular exhibit, and get its virtual view.

Moreover, the mobile app informs the visitors about opening hours, ticket prices and important news from the Hermitage Museum’s life. Due to regular updates and an efficient data exchange with the server, users of the Hermitage mobile app always stay up to date. And if the potential visitors didn’t get to the museum jet, the mobile app shows them the shortest way to the Hermitage from every place of Saint Petersburg. The mobile application works in online and offline mode.

The Hermitage mobile app created by IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab provides many interactive features giving the visitors the possibility not only to enjoy the museum’s beauty but to share their impressions with friends and to save wonderful memories, too. The mobile app allows downloading art collections and storing them on the user’s smartphone in order to create individual collections of his favorite masterpieces. After that, these collections are available as a separate category in online and offline mode. The Hermitage mobile app also offers unique content like virtual tours through the museum, thematic excursions, educational courses, and slide shows. In that way, visitors can choose topics they are really interested in and make their Hermitage visit truly individual, involving and memorable.

Moreover, the Hermitage mobile app users can send electronic cards and photos to their friends and upload it via Twitter. And of course, they get to know about the latest Hermitage museum news, forthcoming exhibitions and events first. And the built-in navigation system allows to quickly find the needed exhibition and masterpieces.

The mobile application created by IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab includes the following modes:

  • General information about the Hermitage museum (history, opening hours, ticket prices, information desk, interactive map of exhibit rooms);
  • Store with different masterpieces collections;
  • Items catalogue;
  • Latest museum news;
  • Collections containing interactive elements like description of museum pieces, images, videos, and illustrated articles).
IntexSoft Mobile Development Lab used the following tools and technologies by creating the Hermitage mobile app: Java, XML/HTML/XSLT, Android OS. We are glad to have contributed to the success of the world famous museum and to the comfort of its visitors. Contact us, and we’ll tell you how you can benefit from cooperation with IntexSoft.

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